Joy Sushi

When in Mountain View or San Mateo, where can you find sushi, nigiri, udon, donburi and more all under one roof? The answer is simple: Where it’s a joy to bring you fresh, delectable sushi and traditional Japanese fare.

Joy Sushi isn't just the name of a Japanese Restaurant in Mountain View and San Mateo. Our rolls and cuisine are so tasty, one bite and you’ll know true ecstasy. Our veteran chefs have created a thoughtful and original menu that combines traditional fare with modern ingredients. Befitting an authenticity-oriented restaurant such as Joy Sushi, our namesake sushi menu represents a cornucopia of styles, cuts, portions and combination possibilities that are nearly limitless. Sushi isn’t all we serve here though...

We Have Multiple Locations!

Joy Sushi (Mountain View) - Mountain View

225 E Middlefield Road, Suite 1B, Mountain View, CA 94043


Joy Sushi (San Mateo) - San Mateo

30 S B Street, San Mateo, CA 94401


More About Us!

Beginning with our formidable appetizer menu, choose from a-la-carte items encompassing everything from Asparagus Beef, Edamame – green soybeans – Kimchi and Ika Yaki – charbroiled whole calamari – to Baked Mussels, BBQ Beef Short Rib and more. Craving food fresh from the sea? Our coveted sushi bar which features original rolls such as the Hunter Attack, with deep fried spicy jalapeno wrapped inside spicy tuna, cream cheese and secret spicy sauce; Ahi Tataki, with ahi tuna or albacore tuna dressed with flaming chili pepper and Sashimi selections. We also offer a wide variety of soups, salads and rice dishes, in addition to deep fried appetizers like Vegetable Tempura, Mix Tempura, Prawn Tempura, Oyster Fly, Gyoza, Edamame Gyoza, Vegetable Spring Rolls and more.

For those looking to try a bit of everything, choose from our Vegetarian Bento menu, or select a Combination Dinner that includes Vegetable Tempura, soup, salad and rice. Our Joy Special Dinner comes with soup and salad, and offers a Maguro Lover’s Plate, including tuna hand roll, tuna roll, tuna nigiri and tuna sashimi. Fresh fish is abundant in California and we truly showcase the best the region has to offer with, of course, a Japanese flair.

In Mountain View and San Mateo, we are the consummate sushi and Japanese dining experience. Visit us today, and discover why it’s not only a joy to serve you…but why you’ll find our cuisine a joy to sample. It gives us great joy to serve you delectable sushi and traditional Japanese fare.